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Page 1
1) Young Mensan Michael looks at the biggest of the many aircraft models in the terminal of Republic Airport.

Page 2
2) Young Mensans Danny (left) and Michael at the controls of a World War II era Navion airplane (notice the decal on the wing.)

Page 3
3) Young Mensan Zach plays air guitar without the air.

Page 4
4) A butterfly lands on the hand of a Mensan's Grandson on a field trip to the Bronx Zoo.

Page 5
5) Young Mensans check out computer at the winter icebreaker.

Page 6
6) Happy Young Mensans at play during the winter icebreaker.

Page 7
7) A Young Mensan's Mom (left) and hosts Clare and Marvin at the Young Mensans winter of  '98 - '99 icebreaker.

Page 8
8) Young Mensans and their parents look at a display after watching an IMAX movie at the American Museum of Natural History.

Page 9
9) One Young Mensan has found a bird, another is looking for a monkey and Clare points out a snake at the American Museum of Natural History.

Page 10
10) Young Mensans group in the Vanderbilt Mansion after watching a sky show in the Planetarium.

Page 11
11) Young Mensans group at the New York Hall of Science.

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