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Greater New York Mensa

Directory of Special Interest Groups

April 2, 2015     

Compiled by Marty Merado, GNYM SIGs Liaison Officer.       

Note, for GNYM members only, a complete directory with contact information is available via the GNYM Members-Only Area.

Next edition: For the upcoming September 2015 SIGs Directory (to be published in September-October 2015 Mphasis), all changes in SIG blurbs and blurbs for new SIGs must be received by July 26, 2015. Send to Marty Merado, . The text for all blurbs must be 50 words or less. Thank you.

Please inform me of any changes or corrections. If a SIG becomes inactive, any member can volunteer to lead it.

The rules to start a new SIG are simple:

  1. The proposed SIG's activities must be lawful in the political jurisdiction in which its activities will take place.
  2. The proposed SIG cannot be entirely duplicative (of site and activities) of an existing SIG under another name.
  3. The SIG must be open to all interested M's, except for certain SIGs designated confidential.
  4. The name Mensa or the stylized M may not be used in a SIG's title.
  5. SIGs must have at least one Calendar item in Mphasis between semi-annual SIG listings, except for exceptions designated with the symbol "*".
  6. In addition to other forms of contact, every SIG must list a telephone contact number for the SIGs Directory and all Calendar items.
  7. All contact persons listed in all SIG Calendar items must be current members of American Mensa.

If a SIG is a local chapter of a National SIG, then dues may be collected if the national SIG assesses them. While other local SIGs do not have dues as such, all expenses incurred as a result of their activities must be borne entirely by their participants.

To volunteer to be a SIG leader, please call or write me. Be sure to give me your Mensa ID number. SIG leaders and co-leaders must be current members of American Mensa.

Note: Whether you participate in a National or local SIG, you should know the following: SIGs are voluntary associations of members of Mensa, which operate independently of Greater NY Mensa. Their financial activities and liabilities are entirely their own, and not those of Greater NY Mensa. Furthermore, no SIG leader may obligate GNYM in any way.

Just as SIGs' activities and liabilities are their own, so is the responsibility for disciplining SIG members where necessary. SIG leader(s) and/or the SIG membership have full authority to sanction any member of the SIG whom they deem has interfered with effective functioning of the SIG's activities.

Business Solutions Hub / Mathematical Methods for Business and Economics SIG

Business Solutions Hub / MMBE is a focused, open special interest group that takes business issues and discusses possible solutions and recommendations. State your business issue or come join the solutions forum. Whether it's a tricky role requirement, business dilemma, or a start-up quandary, feel free to join in on the discussion. See also . [3rd Sunday every month]

Chess SIG  (new)

An informal SIG for Mensans to play chess. Meetings take place biweekly at ____. The intent is to provide a relaxed place for Mensans to play the game and share their knowledge. Please bring pieces and a copy of Mphasis.

Crank and Spin: The SIG for Bicyclists

Bicyclists! Looking to combine your long weekend ride with the finest of bottom-bracket banter? Then Crank and Spin may be the SIG for you. Once a month we cluster for a 15 mph 40 - 80 mile ride and to talk about whatever. Unsure or slow riders: call anyway; Group B rides possible. [2nd Saturday every month]

Dog Owners

This SIG offers a time for owners and their dogs to socialize off-leash. We will meet in Central Park at 9pm. Beginning at this time the leash laws are not enforced. Tentative meeting location is the south side of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Evil M-Pyre

Wanna be a party animal? Don't wanna cross any bridges to do so? Local chapter of the national SIG Hell's Ms ("The Party SIG of American Mensa"). Operates independently of GNYM, yet open to all Mensans, everywhere! Activities and liabilities happen at your own risk. Initiation $18 - covers national SIG fees, T-shirt, newsletter.


Genial, fun-loving group meets monthly to play word games, board games, and charades. Crossword puzzles and new movies are often a point of discussion. Wicked sense of humor helps. Manhattan, in the East 70s. Please reserve by the Wednesday before. $2 for refreshments. [2nd Sunday most months]

Gay And Lesbian

The Gay and Lesbian SIG is for sharing ideas and socializing among gay and lesbian members of GNYM, and is affiliated with the national Gay and Lesbian SIG, GaySIG. Meetings in members' homes or other gathering places are held occasionally. For further information, call.


The only Long Island general interest group.  Meet in various Nassau and Suffolk locations.  Check Calendar.

Parapsychology and Psychotronic SIG

Mainly lectures on the above. Parapsychology deals with UFOs, ghosts, unexplained phenomena, etc. Psychotronic deals with energy fields, whether through the mind, machines, or any other factors.

Polyamory SIG

Ever feel you didn't understand monogamy? Incredulous that some people find happiness with ONE PERSON? From the Latin for "many loves," polyamory recognizes that with honesty, communication, and respecting boundaries, you CAN have meaningful, loving relationships with multiple partners simultaneously, as long as everyone involved knows and consents.

Restaurant and Dining Lovers

To sample the variety of cuisines in the New York area.

Rock Musicians Network

Get together to play and sing classic rock, blues, jazz, folk, and country music. Dust off that old Fender and contact us!

Science Fiction & Fantasy SIG and Whedonverse SIG

•The second Monday of each month, meet us in ____, to talk about favorite speculative fiction books, movies, TV shows, etc.
•The fourth Monday of each month, meet us in ____, to
talk about all the creations of writer-director Joss Whedon.

Smart Company (for Mensa Business Owners and Executives)

Smart Company is a forum where Mensa Business owners and executives and their non-M guests can improve their business knowledge, meet new friends, make new contacts, and give and take solutions to business problems. To keep it lively and worthwhile, all attendees are expected to participate and foster an open, noncompetitive environment. [3rd Tuesday every month]

Spanish Conversation SIG

For those who enjoy the languages and cultures of Spain and Latin America. You need not be fluent, but should be able to conduct a basic conversation.

Strategy Gaming SIG

These games are won primarily by skill, planning, negotiation and management of limited resources or assets, rather than chance. Come put your competitive skills to work. Location floats throughout the chapter. [every month; exact dates TBD as we go along]

Tennis SIG

A forum for aficionados to meet regularly to discuss the latest in the world of tennis, including any important ongoing tournaments & matches. If there is a sufficient interest, we will also plan tournaments for the members.

Trivia SIG

For all Mensans who like trivia and testing their knowledge against that of others, this is the group for you. We meet to compete against each other and other trivia buffs in various locations, such as pubs, throughout the Greater New York area. Why wait until CultureQuest®?

Turkey Shoot

More of an event, really.  We get together periodically, sit together and watch terrible films.  We laugh our heads off, like the characters in MST3K.  Feel free to shout out your own putdowns.  If someone else wants to host one, I'd be glad to bring some tapes or discs. [4th Sunday of every ODD month.]


Lapsed SIGs

The following SIGs are either 1) on hiatus, 2) temporarily unable to function, or 3) inactive. Please call the GNYM SIGs Liaison Officer to find out more about these SIGs or to volunteer in any leadership capacity:
Aerospace (Bill Miller), Art Lovers, Baby Boomers, Ballroom Dancing, Bridge, Bronx Dining, Brooklyn Great Books, Fitness, Give Back, Kosher Dining, Law (Abe Cohen), Menyou, Movie-Going Mavens, Music Lovers, NY Fine Dining/Opulent M, Orthodox Jewish, PC Applications and Enhancements, Philosophy and Social Issues, Poetry, Psychology, Publishing, Retired M, Sapph, Second Amendment, SignSIG, SingleSIG, Star Trek, Tai Chi, Travel, Vegetarian, Volunteers, Westchester Dining, Westchester Lawyers & Business Professionals, Whistleblowers (Harold Berman), SIG X.

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